On the Ongoing War in Ukraine

Hello PJSA,

Just like many of you, we have been closely following the activity in Ukraine as the Russian invasion continues and escalates. Many of us have brought this conflict into the classroom, into our activism, and into our own hearts. While members of the PJSA’s board of directors are engaged in their own interventions, we wanted to offer a collectively-authored space for resource sharing. This is the same approach we took during the George Floyd Uprising in Summer 2020–to establish and curate a space to share resources. We would like to do this once again.

To this end we have set up a shared document here.

Within this document, folks can share and borrow resources. Have a good news site? Share it in the document. Did you find a good video, or a particularly well-written analysis? Share it in the document.

Joy Meeker, a member of the PJSA Board has committed to monitoring and helping to curate this space, and we would encourage you to engage in whatever way you can. If you have questions about posting content to the page, you can reach out to Joy.

As a reminder, like like when using the listserv, we ask that members follow basic decorum including:

1. Please be mindful of how much you post, how ‘loud’ your voice is, and if your actions or tone are making others’ participation less likely. We want PJSA to be a place where folks ‘share the air’ and this resource list (and listserv) should reflect those values.

2. Before posting to the listserv, please ask yourself, ‘Does everyone need to read this?’ If your contribution is to show support for a previous post, this is probably best done through a direct message to the author and not a ‘reply all.’ We have noticed that when a lot of emails go out in this manner, people unsubscribe.

This collectively-authored space to discuss the war in Ukraine is part of a larger effort we have engaged with. From posting resources for direct support early in the conflict, to our forthcoming issue of the Peace Chronicle focused on Ukraine (get in touch with Anna Hamling for details and submissions), PJSA is looking to find way to engage as educators and activists. If you know of a way to plug in, let us know.