Benefits of PJSA Membership

The Peace and Justice Studies Association is a trusted community of colleagues and friends with integrity and hope for creating a better future. We welcome all peace institutions, peace instructors, peace practitioners and peace activists to become members of this dynamic organization.


The Peace and Justice Studies Association is open to all organizations and individuals interested in building a better world. Benefits of membership in PJSA include:

Access to Member-only resources

PJSA offers members access to a finely curated, frequently updated stream of relevant employment opportunities, career and educational opportunities, calls for papers and proposals, school programs, film, journal, and syllabi library, and more. Members are apply to apply directly to PJSA for funding through our mini-grants program, and members are permitted to join exclusive services such as our Speakers Bureau, External Review and Program Support services, publish on our video library and YouTube channel, publish with The Peace Chronicle, run for a Board of Directors position, join as an intern, and vote on member issues.

We also offer referrals, internship placement, and career development advice for members of all backgrounds. Members receive expert consultation on research and teaching projects.

Discounts to the annual PJSA conference

Each year, the PJSA conference brings social justice and peace activists, scholars, and educators together to discuss the state of the field, celebrate our work, network, strategize, and have fun.

In 2020, with our conference going online, PJSA members received FREE access to the 2020 conference, as well as to the session recordings, perfectly suited to be used in classrooms and other learning spaces. In 2021, with the return of our in-person conference, members will be permitted to register at a discounted rate as listed at the registration site.

Members-only email announcement and discussion lists

The announcements list is a place for members to post information of interests to others in the association such as position/internship openings, events, workshops, retreats, calls for papers, conference announcements, announcements of new publications, etc. The discussion list is a place for members to engage one another in conversations and queries about things such as pedagogy, politics, tactics, writings/articles, resources, current events, etc. It is a place to explore ideas and seek assistance. If you are a PJSA members and would like to be added to the list, let us know.

The Peace Chronicle

Published four times per year, The Peace Chronicle is a unique opportunity for members to submit their work to be considered for publication. Each issue features new scholarship and literature, the latest developments in peace research and education, central issues in the peace and justice movements, book and film reviews, political commentary, and other critical resources for educators and activists alike. The Peace Chronicle is open access and available to the general public.

Association Journals

Members of PJSA receive free access passes to two engaged and cutting-edge journals, The Journal of Resistance Studies and the Journal of Transdisciplinary Peace Praxis.

Peace Science Digest

Published eight times a year, the Peace Science Digest provides access and useful analysis to the top research in the field of Peace and Conflict Studies. We aim to provide a mutually beneficial link between the field’s academic community and its practitioners, the media, activists, public policy-makers, and other possible beneficiaries. The Peace Science Digest is formulated to enhance awareness of research addressing the key peace and conflict issues of our time by making available an organized, accessible, and relevant analysis—creating a resource for the practical application of the field’s academic knowledge.

PJSA membership will include a free digital subscription to all issues as well as a discounted option for print issues.

Member directory

In addition to the networking opportunities through the email discussion list and the annual conference, PJSA maintains an optional membership directory to enable communication with colleagues in your area. Members can opt in or out of being listed in this directory upon joining, or at any time.

Discounts with affiliate organizations

In addition to discounts at the annual conference, all PJSA members receive discounts with our partner organizations such as the National Peace Academy, Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs, Canadian School of Peacebuilding and more.

Become a member of the PJSA today for these benefits and more!